Alternative Match of Ice Hockey Game


Hockey is one of the most popular sports in colder region because hockey game is a prominent symbol of activity during cold weather (this explains the popularity of hockey in North America and Europe). However, not all hockey matches are held on ice rink. Many people play hockey informally on freezing pond, but there are also other formal or organized games that are not held on the regular ice rink.

Examples of Non Ice Rink Hockey Game
While ice rink is an enduring element of  Agen Sbobet Asia hockey game, there is another alternative of ice hockey called ball hockey. As the name suggests, this type of game is not played on the ice rink with skating shoes, but on non ice arena using in line skates and ball. This game is played by children and adults, especially during warmer months when there are no freezing ponds and the arena is too far.

Among paralympic athletes, there is a modified version of hockey game called sledge hockey. In this game, the players do not use skating shoes, but sitting on a special framed structure with skating blade underneath called the sledge. Other than that, the game is still played on an ice rink with puck, and can be as intense as regular ice hockey game.

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