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What Causes Major Penalties in Hockey

Fighting between two or more players is attributed to major penalties, and this can cause both of them to be ejected from the field. Also, a player can be charged with major penalty if he or she deliberately attacks other player in an attempt to injure, not just body check. However, while things like elbowing or body checking player with no puck are usually considered minor offense, it can change into major offense if the attacked player is badly hurt.

Hockey Stats and Official Abbreviations

Like many other sports, hockey is full with hockey stats and official abbreviations. Therefore, in a particularly busy season or intense game, a new hockey fan can get confused and overwhelmed by numerous amounts of abbreviations and stat terms he or she must understand. Whether you are starting to like hockey or a hockey bettor, make sure you know all the important stats. hockey stats are prominent features in every game Sbobet hockey.

Alternative Match of Ice Hockey Game

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in colder region because hockey game is a prominent symbol of activity during cold weather (this explains the popularity of hockey in North America and Europe). However, not all hockey matches are held on ice rink. Many people play hockey informally on freezing pond, but there are also other formal or organized games that are not held on the regular ice rink. Hockey game is not only held on an ice rink

How Hockey Referee Deals with Major Penalty

Major penalties are things that irate fans and players in hockey (or basically any other sports). Being caught in such aggressive team sport, sometimes players and fans can get caught in the atmosphere, and the players retort to violent behaviors that can even no longer be considered as minor offenses. This is why hockey referee must understand the way to distinguish between minor and major offenses, since both can also be interchangeable depend on the situation.

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