Alternative Match of Ice Hockey Game


Hockey is one of the most popular sports in colder region because hockey game is a prominent symbol of activity during cold weather (this explains the popularity of hockey in North America and Europe). However, not all hockey matches are held on ice rink. Many people play hockey informally on freezing pond, but there are also other formal or organized games that are not held on the regular ice rink.

Examples of Non Ice Rink Hockey Game
While ice rink is an enduring element of  Agen Sbobet Asia hockey game, there is another alternative of ice hockey called ball hockey. As the name suggests, this type of game is not played on the ice rink with skating shoes, but on non ice arena using in line skates and ball. This game is played by children and adults, especially during warmer months when there are no freezing ponds and the arena is too far.

Among paralympic athletes, there is a modified version of hockey game called sledge hockey. In this game, the players do not use skating shoes, but sitting on a special framed structure with skating blade underneath called the sledge. Other than that, the game is still played on an ice rink with puck, and can be as intense as regular ice hockey game.

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Hockey Stats and Official Abbreviations You Need to Know


Like many other sports, hockey is full with hockey stats and official abbreviations. Therefore, in a particularly busy season or intense game, a new hockey fan can get confused and overwhelmed by numerous amounts of abbreviations and stat terms he or she must understand. Whether you are starting to like hockey or a hockey bettor, make sure you know all the important stats. Hockey stats are prominent features in every game Sbobet hockey.

Important Hockey Stats to Remember
Here are the most important hockey stats and abbreviations:

  • G. This is short of ‘Goal,’ and there are other variations related to this term. There are GW (Game-winning Goal), S (Shots on Goal), PP (Power Play Goal) and SH (Short Handed Goal). However, if related to team position, G also means ‘Goaltender.’
  • POS. A stat for player position, there are several related stats such as LW (Left Wing), RW (Right Wing), D (Defense) and C (Center), plus the aforementioned G.
  • PTS or P means ‘Points.’
  • NO means the numbers on players’ jerseys.
  • PIM means Penalty Minutes, given to player that must be off for certain minutes because of penalty.
  • SPCT means Shooting Percentage, resulting from dividing the goal numbers by the amounts of taken shots.

There are still many more specific hockey stats, but knowing the basics will help you in understanding the game first.

How Hockey Referee Deals with Major Penalty


Major penalties are things that irate fans and players in hockey (or basically any other sports). Being caught in such aggressive team sport, sometimes players and fans can get caught in the atmosphere, and the players retort to violent behaviors that can even no longer be considered as minor offenses. This is why hockey referee must understand the way to distinguish between minor and major offenses, since both can also be interchangeable depend on the situation.

What Referee Must Do
Major penalties usually cause a player to be expelled from the game for 5 minutes until the opponent team scores a goal, and this is done without any substitute. However, if the offenses are done by two players from both teams and they are expelled, both can be substituted so the game can continue.

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Impact of Global Economic Recession on Nepalese Economy

It is really appreciative of you that as a blogger you have thought to write about the effect of the economic recession on the third world countries. It is true that America and other rich countries can handle this situation but is it really tough for third world countries.
Yes, I am agreeing with you. After reading your article, it is very clear to understand that Nepal has to depend on other countries for their development. There economy is not independent. Whatever you have referred about economic sectors of Nepal, are dependent on India and other countries. So, it is really bad luck for Nepal that in this condition they are the victims of this situation. In the end of the day, though they got the democracy, unfortunately they are not able to use it properly.
I hope that their governmental would concentrate on developing their economic sectors and try to build a process by which they could be independent on financial way.

Today, I was checking out, one of the leading newspapers in Nepal and there was a picture of a boatman tying up boats on Phewa lake. In this time of the year, tourist used to come to Nepal but this year, the number has decreased. Tourism is one of the major foreign currency earners for Nepal and it is already suffering due to worldwide economic recession. Already, the tourism sector took a big blow in the past years due to the country’s political instability. Though there is stability now, it has been hit by economic recession.

Thank you for your nice analysis about the possible imapct of current economic slowdown on a coutnry like Nepal, a country which very often remains in the dark in the media.

It is good that Nepal has a better political situation at this moment, but still they have trade deficit which means they have to rely on foreign aids. If the economic recession continues, then the situation may aggravate in Nepal too. So, it would be better if then can try to develop thier economy by increasing the domestic production inside the country.

Nepal is a nice country for traveling. It has beautiful sight view. Millions of people go to Nepal to visit every year. Tourism keeps important role for earning huge foreign revenue. Most of the people of this country live under poverty. However, I have to admit that we are very much serious about the affect of economic recession in developed countries. But only a few people like you thought about the third world country. Nepal is suffering a lot due to economic recession. It is not known that when this problem will be solved. The fate of the third world country is either directly or indirectly depending on developed country. What kind of solution do you want to give these countries to protest this problem?

Love vs Romance: AW Blog Chain February 2009

It is time for February AW Blog Chain. Ralph Pines has started the chain with ‘Love vs. Romance’ and he supported love and he said that he is not fan of romance in sitcoms. I think that it is an excellent theme considering the fact that it is Valentine’s week. Ralph is a big fan of ‘love’ and he hates ‘romance’. It is my turn to keep the blog chain going.


First of all, English is not my mother tongue. So, it is a bit difficult for me to grasp the meanings of these two words. I am going to talk about my ideas with the examples of two novels and one movies.


I don’t know how many of you watched the movie Alex & Emma. In this movie, Alex (Luke Wilson) had two women in his life. At first, he met Polina who rich and beautiful and hot. He got fascinated with her and he felt that he had best romance in his life with her. In the end, he even borrowed some money (from a mafia gang) on high interest gambled to get some money (with the goal to marry her) but lost the money and became almost bankrupt. Then, he met Emma who was ordinary and straight forward. She was not romantic as per as the traditional definition. However, she is supportive, dedicated and lving woman.


Two novels that I like a lot are ‘Great Expectations’ of Charles Dickens and ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ of George Orwell. The two heroines of these novels are Estella and Rosemary . To me, Estella is symbol of romance and Julia is the symbol of love. Pip was crazy for Estella but she was not that much interested about him. On the other hand, Gordon was a man with hardly income but Rosemary was totally dedicated to him.



Well, I have struggled with money matters for most of my life until now. So, when I think of love and romance, I surely associate it with the matter of having or not having money and dedication and support. I fully understand that it is different to others. I wonder what Kat Frass has to say about it.


The list of Participants in AW Blog Chain 2009:
Ralph Pines
Kat Frass

India: A farewell to High Economic Growth?

When I started pro-blogging in March 2006, I wrote many entries about the continuous high economic growth of Indian economy. Now, after 3 years, I guess that bloggers like I will have one less topic to write about the Indian economy. Earlier today, news came that GDP growth for the country in this financial year will be just 7.1%. If you look at the rich and developed countries then you will see that 7.1% is a huge growth for most nations. However, it is not the case for India.

It is not a good growth for India basically for two reasons. We have talked a lot about the prospect of double digit growth for economy of India in the whole of 2006 and 2007. Now, suddenly, even 7% growth seems to be difficult to come and maintain. It is perhaps the direct impact of global economic recession. I hope that many of you know that Indian financial year starts from 1 April and ends on 31 March. So, we will get more accurate stats on April or May.

The current economic year is full of events. We saw the ordinary people suffering from high price of food items and fuel. Inflation reached to a record level. Then suddenly, oil price decreased significantly in the international market, food items became some cheaper too and most of all, inflation became under control. However, a new problem emerged. Export earning started to fall and as a result, job loss in export sector became a big problem. Soon, many Indian workers from the Middle Eastern countries may start to come back to India if the Middle East gets affected badly by the global economic recession.

Hardly anyone feels optimistic now. Instead, they know that the worst is yet to come. Of course, rich countries like USA, Australia, Germany, France and UK have all declared stimulus packages and bailed out some big companies. I am waiting to see what Indian government does in this regard. I have not seen any plan from the Indian government yet to help the large companies or the export sector.

So, does it mean the end of high economic growth for Indian economy? Well, I am afraid it is the right thing to conclude. In fact, some analysts feel that the GDP growth of the current fiscal year may be even lower than 7%. The prospect for any kind of recovery for the next fiscal year looks even more unlikely. Indian economy is now closely related to the US economy. You have to keep this factor in mind too. Hardly anyone is now optimistic about US economy rebounding in 2009 or in 2010.

It is surely bad news for the economy because India is still not even a middle earning country. Millions of people are suffering from poverty, hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy, unemployment etc. India has record number of street children. So, if the growth rate of GDP slows down then it will be impossible for the government and the private sector to create new jobs. It will also be difficult for the government to implement its develop plans or building infrastructure.

I guess that India will have to bid high economic growth a farewell- at least for the time being. Do you agree with my assertion?