Hockey Stats and Official Abbreviations You Need to Know


Like many other sports, hockey is full with hockey stats and official abbreviations. Therefore, in a particularly busy season or intense game, a new hockey fan can get confused and overwhelmed by numerous amounts of abbreviations and stat terms he or she must understand. Whether you are starting to like hockey or a hockey bettor, make sure you know all the important stats. Hockey stats are prominent features in every game Sbobet hockey.

Important Hockey Stats to Remember
Here are the most important hockey stats and abbreviations:

  • G. This is short of ‘Goal,’ and there are other variations related to this term. There are GW (Game-winning Goal), S (Shots on Goal), PP (Power Play Goal) and SH (Short Handed Goal). However, if related to team position, G also means ‘Goaltender.’
  • POS. A stat for player position, there are several related stats such as LW (Left Wing), RW (Right Wing), D (Defense) and C (Center), plus the aforementioned G.
  • PTS or P means ‘Points.’
  • NO means the numbers on players’ jerseys.
  • PIM means Penalty Minutes, given to player that must be off for certain minutes because of penalty.
  • SPCT means Shooting Percentage, resulting from dividing the goal numbers by the amounts of taken shots.

There are still many more specific hockey stats, but knowing the basics will help you in understanding the game first.